Mental reboot…

This weekend I am focusing on rebooting my mind. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, not so much, especially for someone like me. I had a rough week mentally. I put so much pressure on myself, especially at work, that I can overwhelm myself if someone doesn’t snap me out of it. I just feel like I have to do it all, since no one else will step up. It is a recipe for a stress disaster, every time. I wish I could explain it to people, but I can’t. Well, I can try. It can be nearly crippling sometimes… so why can’t I just snap out of it? No clue, but it sucks. I get so focused, everything outside shuts off. I was told by someone close to me the other day I am the only one who stresses my self out. Then I see the below tweet this morning. Coincidence? I think not. 

Daily Zen‏ @dailyzen

Most of your problems are only bothersome because you think they’re supposed to be.

I talked to Ash the other night, told her about how badly I have felt this week physically. I haven’t eaten well, I have stressed badly, and slacked at the gym. All recipes for disaster. I even drank 3 nights, which is a lot. I didn’t drink much… but I still drank. So this weekend I am focusing on getting my mind right, getting things back together. This way when I move forward, I am pointing in the right direction. Here’s to the future, and doing things right moving forward…

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