Push it… push it real good…

It’s amazing how comfortable the gym is to me. The sweat life, iron therapy, dungeon, whatever you prefer to call it is like a home to me. When I was young, (middle school, high school), being the smaller guy I never felt comfortable lifting, or being in the weight room at all. I have always been pretty athletically gifted, so I just relied on that. If I knew then… haha. Now that I am cleaning up the cobwebs in my life, I am back to doing what I love… lifting heavy shit!!! Music up loud, hat down low, and get sweaty! I love it. The gym I go to is decent, but I would love to find one that is just a classic gym… brick walls, mirrors, a few fans… lots of toys… it could even have places to just write on the walls. I’m there to lift, not play on IG, not hit on people, it isn’t a damn bar. I don’t mind socializing, but leggo! And for the love of all that is Holy… STOP CURLING in the FRIGGIN SQUAT RACK!!! People crack me up. Ok, enough of my soapbox time, haha… besides, it’s almost gym:thirty now… see ya there?

 always workout 

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