Round & round…

So it is not a secret that I do not like to spin. Whether it is on my own feet, a simple merry-go-round, a carnival/amusement park ride, or life itself, I HATE to spin. Now? Well I feel like I am spinning faster than I have ever spun before.

So many things in our world can spin us in ways we never knew. How do you stop the spinning and regain control? It seems to be different for every person. I know that I currently feel like I have spun completely out of control. So far out of control, I can’t even focus anymore. Everything is just a blur, and it SUCKS. I am trying to slow it down though, catch my breath, and regain my life. I just don’t know how. I can’t ask, because there is no one there to ask. All I can do is what I have always done. Rely on myself to pull my ass outta this…

Just not sure if it is too late…

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